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Al meets the Easter Bunny
Beary Sweet Honey Biscuit
Our first Lionhead Rabbit
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Beary Sweet Bunnies is a family owned rabbitry
located East of Dallas, TX. We currently raise
Lionhead, Polish and Mini Rex rabbits, with an
emphasis on breeding show quality animals. We only
have a few litters a year, and strive to produce
animals which can compete successfully in ARBA
show rings. Sale rabbits are listed on the sales link,
litters are listed in the nest box section for each
breed. If you are interested in any of the litters please
contact us!  Delivery is available free to any show we
are attending.

2011 ARBA Convention-
BOS Mini Rex with their
Castor Buck, out of our doe
Scotcha's Firelady! HLR's
Cashing In, Open BOS!

BOV Chocolate Tort
Lionhead Doe, Beary Sweet
BOSV Seal Lionhead Buck
Beary Sweet Bandit!

Way to go!!!
We have a good selection of Lionhead, Mini Rex and
Polish for sale right now, pet quality, breeding and
show available!  Contact us for more information!
Grand Champions Finished:
Mossypossum Alkiline-REW MR buck
Scotcha's Firelady-Castor MR Doe

IBRR Hemi-Black MR Buck
Rising R's Shania-Black Polish Doe
Beary Sweet Topaz-Blue Polish Buck
Scotcha's Flame-Castor MR Doe
Furever Nibbles-BEW Polish Doe
Beary Sweet Bits N' Pieces-Broken MR Doe
Klondike's Glory-BEW Polish Buck
MMI's Ten Million Fireflies-Red MR Buck (co-owned with
HumDinger Mini Rex-Duke Family)
WW's Bittersweet Symphony-Black Polish Doe
Beary Sweet Turtle-Chocolate Polish Doe
Dagrabbit's Lass-Red MR Doe
Rising R's San Diego-Black Polish Buck
Rising R's Smore-Chocolate Polish Doe

Beary Sweet Panda-Broken Polish Buck
Genesis Suede-Chocolate Polish Buck
Dagrabbit's Midori-Red MR Doe
Beary Sweet Brayn-BEW Polish Doe
Beary Sweet Martina-Black Polish Doe
Beary Sweet Snuggles-Broken Polish Doe
We have several rabbits available in all three
breeds--check the sales list under each breed
for availability!
New 4H Rabbit Club in
Dallas County, come join
us!!  We just had a clinic
with judge Tony Bell and
we plan to have shows in
the future!
Check out our new BUN WARMERS!
Babies on the wire?  Single kit that's
hard to keep warm?  Our new Bun
Warmers can help you save those
kits that get hypothermia, by warming
them completely, from both sides,
with a deep penetrating warmth!  No
more soaking in warm water, trying to
tuck them under armpits or into bras,
click this link to find out more!