Waiting at the Rainbow
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Beary Sweet Honey
10-06 to 1-16-07
Honey was our very
first Lionhead Rabbit,
and was a much loved
member of our family.
Honey died from
poisoning from
Beary Sweet Pepper
11-06 to 5-11-07
Pepper had to be put
to sleep due to
complications in
delivering her first litter
of kits. She was our
2nd Lionhead and I
miss her every morning
when I feed-she was
always there with a
Sousa's Ceneri
to 4-07
Loved by Michelle
Herman of Catwalk
Rabbitry, Ceneri was a
sweet little soul, so
gentle and kind.  She
passed to the rainbow
bridge after choking on
a piece of food as she
was recovering from a
difficult pregnancy.  
Beary Sweet Caleb
12/10/07 to 4/7/08
Just getting started on
his show career with
two BOS, a BOV, and
3 BOSV, he was taken
all too suddenly.
Accepted as a
National Auction Bunny
for 2008, he leaves a
big hole. This photo so
much catches his
MossyPossum Grace
5/17/07 to 5/10/08
BOSV Duncan OK 11/23/07
Show C
BOSV/BOS Duncan OK 11/24/07
Show A
BOSV Duncan OK 11/24/07
Show B
3rd Sr. SP Doe NALRC
Nationals 5/08
Died of heat stroke just
after returning from
Nationals, she left us her
son Gochi, who looks so
much like his mom!
Beary Sweet Kitsune
12/2/07 to 10/1/08
1-BOB, 1-BOS, 2-BOV, 1-BOSV

Everyone's favorite clown,
Kitsune was one of a kind.
She was beautiful,
intelligent, and loving.
Died from hemorage, she
was always there sitting
on her stool outside her
cage waiting for me to
make her supper. It
seems so odd not to find
her there any more. Good
bye "Fatbaby".