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Bun Warmers
Emergency Baby Animal
Warming Packs

What are bun warmers?
This winter, we had several babies who
were born on the wire, or single kits.
Some were still alive, but very cold, and I
tried to find ways to warm them up again
to where they would be able to survive.
There was no really good way to get them
completely warm, quickly, consistantly,
and easily.  So I decided to come up with
a solution. The result is
Bun Warmers.

They are made of soft, soft fleece,
color/pattern will vary.  The top photo
shows the small
Bun Warmer in my
hand, with a baby inside.  This size is for
dwarf breeds such as Brits, Polish,
Lionheads, etc. , and will quickly warm a
single kit.  The baby is placed into the
central pouch, and there is a warming
pack placed into separate pouches on
either side of him-surrounding him with
warmth, without the warming packs
actually coming into contact with his skin.
This keeps him from being burned, and
makes the heat more even and
consistant.  The other photos show a kit
inside the pouch, where he is placed
butt-first, with the head facing the opening
allowing for plenty of air.  

Two types:  There are two types of
Bun Warmers, the Emergency Warmer,
and the Re-heatable Warmer.  The
Emergency Warmer is designed to be
kept in areas without electric service or
access to a microwave. They use hand
warmer packs to provide warmth and are
perfect for bunny barns, cars, shows, etc.
They will remain warm for 8-10 hours.  
The Re-Heatable packs are for use where
a microwave oven can be used. These
are 100% safe to put into nests even
when mom is still there, as there is
nothing that is not 100% safe in them.
These can be re-heated over and over,
and the heater packs from these are ideal
to slide into nest boxes with the babies to
keep them warm on cold nights. While
they don't stay warm as long as the
Emergency Packs, it's a very moist,
penetrating heat, and safe for nestboxes.

Three Sizes:  The Bun Warmers are
available in three sizes:
Small:  for dwarf rabbits-Brits, Polish,
Dwarf Hotots, Lionheads, Hollands, etc.
Medium: for mid-size rabbits-Mini Satins,
Mini Rex, etc.
Large: for large breeds, Checkerds,
Flemish, English Lops, etc.
You can also use the Med. for more than
one Dwarf breed, and Large for more
than one Mid-size kit.  These can also be
used for other animals as well--puppies,
kittens, ferrets, etc.. Any animal which has
young which are at risk if they get
over-chilled, can bennifit from the instant,
penetrating warmth that
Bun Warmers

If you are interested in
Bun Warmers for
your club raffle table, please email
me-we'll be happy to donate some!
Small Emergency: $5.00
Small Re-heatable: $6.50

Medium Emergency: $6.00
Medium Re-heatable:  $7.50

Large Emergency:  $7.00
Large Re-heatable:  $8.50

Additional Emergency heat packs:
2 for $1.50
(small takes 2, medium takes 4, large
takes 4-6)

Additional Re-heat packs:
Small (pair) $1.50
Medium (pair) $2.50
Large (pair)  $3.50

Postage-$4.50 in one-rate
box/envelope-if ordering only refills
email for postage as we'll try and get
as close to actual cost as possible.
You can paypal for your order at
debbergs@yahoo.com, or mail a
check/money order to:
Deb Bergs, 5405 Edgewater Circle,
Rowlett TX  75088.  
All Bun Warmers are entirely made by hand, and we
seal each one with a heart hand stitched to the front!
If it isn't sealed with love, it's not a Bun Warmer!