:: Our Mini Rex  ::
:: Mini Rex ::
We have been involved with Mini Rex since late 2007, and
have decided to work on the Red and Sable Point colors
primarily. We also have a few brokens, blacks, REW's and
castors as well, and two lonely Himi's!   

We have always tried to obtain the best stock possible in
order to produce the best kits we can from our breedings.  
While our website is usually not current as to our litters and
for sale animals, we invite you to contact us if you are looking
for something special.  We often had weanlings and jr's for
sale, as well as from time to time an older breeding animal who
is being replaced by a dtr. or son.  

Our goal is to have a Gold Star pedigree with nothing but our
bloodlines on it. To that end, we attempt to register every
rabbit we can from our breedings that we keep. If there is a sr.
rabbit listed that is not shown as registered, you can be
assured it will be as soon as is possible.