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All our rabbits are handled
and played with daily. We
breed for temperment as well
as comformation, because we
want to be able to reach in
and hold them without fear of
being bitten or clawed.  
We can deliver to any show we
are attending free of charge.
We accept paypal, money
orders or cash for any
Email us for more information
on any rabbit you are
interested in!
The Fine Print
We strive to keep our rabbits as
healthy as possible, however, we
cannot control what happens to
them once they leave our care.
We guarantee show quality rabbits
not to have any disqualifying traits
and guarantee them against
malocclusion.  Prices are subject
to change as the rabbit develops,
and may go up or down.  These
rabbits will be sold with a 4
generation pedigree.
Rabbits can be placed on hold with
a non-refundable deposit of half
the sale price. Deposits can be
made via paypal, money order, or
cash. The rabbit will be considered
"pending" for 7 days awaiting
deposit. Once deposit is received
they will be marked "hold". If we
do not receive the deposit within 7
days and/or other arrangements
haven't been made, the rabbit will
be released for sale. Feel free to
inquire about rabbits marked
pending, as sometimes sales fall
through for various reasons. The
balance owed must be payed in
the form of cash, money order, or
paypal at or before pick up/delivery.
Unless other arrangements are
made, pick up must be completed
within 2 weeks of deposit being
received and/or the rabbit coming
of age to leave.
If other arrangements have not
been made, and the rabbit is still
here 30 days past the date of the
deposit being received the sale
will be void and the deposit
forfeited. We do not deliver
rabbits. We will however gladly
bring the rabbits to a show we are
attending for pick up.
We guarantee against genetic
defects. We also guarantee
against malocclusion up to 4
months. After 4 months teeth
problems are due to injury, not
genetics. We guarantee that the
rabbit was healthy at the time of
sale, that they show no signs of
disease, diarrhea, and/or
nasal/eye discharge. If the rabbit
dies within 12 days we will replace
your rabbit. Please understand
that there may be some wait while
we find another rabbit of the same
quality, sex, and variety to replace
with. We will also not cover any
transportation and/or shipping
expenses to get the replacement
rabbit to you. But we will do our
best to see that the rabbit gets to
you as quickly and efficiently as
possible. You will need to contact
us immediately and proof will be
required via your vet, requiring a
veterinary statement stating
cause of death. We will not
guarantee a rabbit outside the 12
day period. We do not guarantee
against death caused by other
causes, including but not limited
to, abuse, neglect, extreme
temperatures, malnourishment,
improper housing which causes
sickness or death, injury from
other animals, exposure to
other illnesses and sicknesses via
other animals during travel,
shows, or at your residence. We
also do not guarantee
malocclusion after 4 months of
age. We can not guarantee that
your lionhead will keep a mane.
We breed for lionheads that
genetically will keep manes,
however, many other outside
influences can affect the mane,
such as grooming.We also
reserve the right to cancel any
sale if at any time if we don't feel
the sale is beneficial for the rabbit
or the new owners.
DH's Easter-Registered BEW buck, he won several BOV/BOSV for us but
suffered an injury in his cage which will prevent him showing in the future we
feel.  Therefor, he is being sold as a breeding buck rather than a show
buck.  He has an excellent pedigree and his littermate sister has won many
top awards in showing.  See the buck page for more information.
Beary Sweet Panda-Nice broken buck with a long show record.  He has
produced excellent kits for us, but we are concentrating on
Chocolate/black/BEW at this time.  He's very good at adding refinement to
does that tend to be thicker/larger.  He is registered.
Beary Sweet Falcon-Very nicely marked broken chocolate buck, he is
registered, we just had his first litter born.  We are concentrating on our
chocolate/black and BEW breedings at this time, and offer him for sale.
Beary Sweet Pinky-BEW Jr. buck, nice conformation, his ears seemed a
bit large but he is growing into them. He has placed very well for us,
littermate to Beary Sweet Brayn, who has 4 legs already.  Out of Stutgen's
Whiteout x Romanowski's Azura, we just have too many bucks so he is being
offered for sale.