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Beary Sweet Panda
DH's Gakkure (2 legs) x DH's Tenkuu
7/1/08 Broken black buck
1 Leg

He's taking his time maturing, but
moving up in the placings as he does,
and the last 2 shows have seen him
win his class.  
BBold's GHF1 (Hershey)
Colby's Fat Boy (chocolate) x
Heather's H6 (Chocolate)
9/6/2005 chocolate buck
2 Legs

Hershey places consistantly well in
all classes, and has given us
excellent kits.
Beary Sweet Topaz (Blue
DH's Gakkuru (2 legs) x Brownie
7/12/08 Blue Sr. Buck,
          **GRAND CHAMPION**
3 Legs
Nice bodied buck, took a while to
mature, but he's finally come into
his own!  
Klondike's Glory
GC Gallo's Becker x Rock's Dory (2
5/23/05 BEW buck
       **Registered**  13 Legs
We are excited to add Klondike to our
program-his first show with us he took
BOV and another leg!
Rising R's San Diego
Winner of 1st place Jr. Black buck
at ARBA 2009!  Won both jr black
buck classes at Hillsboro, we can't
wait for his first litters!
Stuettgen's Whiteout
Romanowski's Spot x
Stuettgen's Doar
3/25/08 BEW buck

Producing excellent kits for us
who are winning in the show
ring. Multi BOV winner.
Beary Sweet Twister
BBold's GHF1(2 legs) x DH's
2/11/09 Chocolate Buck  
2 Legs
Excellent buck, nice head and ears,
very good body and really rich color.
Has many show wins for us!
DH's Easter
GC Silver Hutche's Leo x Silver
Hutche's Blue Angel
1/24/09 BEW Buck

Pretty little buck, nice ears, eye,
has won seveal BOV's for us!
Beary Sweet Falcon
Genesis Bambi x Genesis Lot's
of Spots
1/9/09 Broken Chocolate Buck

Very nice buck, has done well
showing, his first litter was born