:: Our Girls ::
:: Polish Does ::
DH's Tenkyuu (Rain)
12/1/07 black doe
WW's DE4 (5 legs)(black) x WW's
3EB (broken black)

Produces outstanding show kits for
GC Rising R's Shania
5/7/08 black doe
Bonanza (1 leg) x Rustic's RS2
7 Legs
Beautiful show doe, she has been
consistantly placing top of her class.  
BOB SARBA 2/21/09!
Genesis Lots of Spots
3 Legs
2/6/2007 broken chocolate doe
Genesis Tons of Spots (15 legs) x
Genesis Tax

Lovely doe, with several nice wins,
her first litter for us is exciting!
Rising R's Smore
09 Chocolate Doe
Out of the 2009 Polish National
BOB doe Rising R's Godiva, she
has won every class for us so far!
Beary Sweet Dominique
2/12/09 Black Doe
BBolds GHF1 (2 legs) x DH's Domino
Pretty doe, won her classes until she
got a dew lap and had to be retired.
Awaiting her first litter now!
Beary Sweet Brayn
7/4/09 BEW Doe 5 Legs
Stutgen's Whiteout x Romanowski's
This little girl has everyone
talking-she won her first BOS at
just 3 months old!
Beary Sweet Jasmine
6/19/09 Chocolate Doe
BBold's GHF1 (2 legs) x Genesis
Lots of Spots (3 legs)
Pretty little girl just starting her
show career!
Beary Sweet Powder
3/21/09 BEW Doe
Stutgen's Whiteout x Romanowski's
1 Leg
Pretty doe has won several
Beary Sweet Romeo
10/15/08 Black Doe
BBold's GHF1 (2 legs) x Brownie
Very pretty doe, a birth defect
keeps her from showing, but she
is producing outstanding kits for
Beary Sweet Turtle
10/30/09 Chocolate doe
BBold's WB9 x DH's Tenkyuu
4 Legs
Pretty chocolate doe has many
BOV wins, she'll retire after Dec.
Ellyn's Millikokia
4/29/06 Broken Black Doe
Drew's 87 (2 legs) x GC Shultz's
Gem (8 legs)
Pretty broken doe, we are awaiting
her first litter for us now!
Furever Flurries
9/6/08 BEW Doe  
Stutgen's Storm (1 leg) x
Romanowski's Azura
1 Leg
Very pretty doe, expecting her first
litter by Klondike in December!
Furever Nibbles
11/8/08 BEW Doe
Jill's Phantom (1 leg) x Stutgen's
Ice (2 legs)
4 Legs
Still showing and winning,
expecting her first litter in
December by Klondike
Genesis Pearl Heart
9/12/08 REW Doe
GC K and W's W9 x Genesis
Calamity Jane (2 legs)
1 Leg
Multi-BOV winner, expecting her first
litter in November!
Romanowski's Azura
5/2/06  BEW Doe
Ruth's Airoll x Brejo's 7R2

Dam of BOV 2009 ARBA, she is
consistantly producing winners for
Rustic's RS2
Broken Black doe
Ellyn's Rocky x Glenn's Silver

Excellent producing doe, dam of
Rising R's Shania above, Currently
bred to Rising R's San Diego!
WW's Bittersweet Symphony
3/19/09 Black Doe
WW's EP (19 legs) x WW's B2
      **Registered**  4 Legs
Lovely and correct doe, we plan to
show her a bit more before retiring her!